it project management

Travis IT have the project, account, and supplier management experience to know what needs to be done when and by whom. Fully accountable, they can be relied upon to engage with all necessary parties efficiently and succinctly, resolve conflicts, record every single project event thoroughly and clearly, and constantly inform, warn, chase and organise every necessary detail of your required system installation or upgrade.


Travis IT can train your staff to use the new systems. We can deliver training to any necessary audience, which is tailor-made and uses their own language, and is at the perfect level and pace, deconstructing jargon. Travis IT staff are presentable and professional, positive and approachable, adaptable and dynamic, and ultimately always available to give their all to your system needs.

remote working

Travis IT have the ability to integrate harmoniously with your existing teams in order to deploy your new systems. They make it their absolute commitment to know what must be delivered and how best to do it.

solutions design

Travis IT have the technical knowledge to ensure no stone is left unturned, that all necessary prerequisites are addressed, that any proposed solutions are fit for purpose, capable and exceed expectation.


Travis IT will analyse and report, using years of experience in business and systems analysis across many industries, at every level. Travis IT can dissect your processes to find the flaws, embed with the staff especially in the field, and quickly identify your sore points, bottlenecks, glitches, and administrative long-cuts.